the Adjusta Grill™

With 2200W high sear grill plates

Adjust to Grill Flat, Drain Fat and For Delicates and Open Melts 

How do you trap flavour or drain fat using the same grill ?

Adjust the feet forwards to grill flat, keeping all the juices on the grill plate and for toasted sandwiches. Adjust the feet back to drain the fat into the drip tray. 

The adjustable top grill height not only prevents delicate ingredients from getting crushed, but means you can use the top plate to cook eggs over easy without flipping or melt cheese onto open melt sandwiches.

BGR250BSSUKM £99.95
  • Additional Features

    Removable drip tray and convenient cord storage in base

  • Included Accessories

    Cleaning tool

  • Construction

    Brushed stainless steel with cast aluminium non-stick plates

  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement

  • Agency Certification


  • Performance


  • Operation



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