the Barista Express™

With an integrated grinder.

"Almost every ingredient tastes better when it's fresh and coffee is no exception."

The natural oils that give espresso and a cappuccino their rich, creamy flavours start to quickly degrade as soon as the beans are ground.  This product not only grinds it fresh straight into the filter for you, it delivers the right amount of coffee too.

There are 18 grind settings from course to fine for optimal espresso extraction as well as instant hot water for making long blacks and pre-heating cups. 

Heston's Tip:  "Check the ‘roasted on’ date on the bag and if it doesn’t have one don’t buy it as it’s almost certainly not fresh (your best chance is at your local café – the one with the queue out the door!).

Try to buy one small bag at a time so that you can use it all within a few weeks. You won’t believe how much difference freshly roasted beans make."


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BES870UK £549.99
  • Additional Features

    Electronic PID temperature control, true low pressure pre-infusion, high 1850W power, dedicated hot water outlet, water filtration system

  • Included Accessories

    the Razor Dosing Tool, on-board tamper, 54mm portfilter, stainless steel frothing jug, water filters, cleaning disc, tool & tablets

  • Construction

    Stainless Steel

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    2 Year Repair or Replacement


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7 April 2015

Barista Express

"I purchased this machine a week ago. It had a lot to live up to as I replaced it for my La Pavoni machine and grinder which had a faulty steam valve and had for 14 years without any other faults. I had to get used to the machine and once you get the right amount of coffee ground and correct ground with the right amount of compression you do get a lovely cup of espresso . The machine is very well built and beautifully designed. The only quarm I would say is that the height is quite large between the portafilter and an espresso cup ,which when coffee is extracted it splashes the coffee over the cup. Apart from that it also makes a great creamy cappuccino with a lovely texture to the milk when frothing.
Overall I am very pleased and I hope it gives me many years without any problems!!!"

30 March 2015

Barista Express

"When I purchased this machine I could not buy coffee beans in any shop in our area that had a date on when they were roasted. I bought some in Cafe Nero, but no different to any other store. With these I found it extremely difficult to set the machine up. The only place I could buy beans was online which I did. Ordered 3 different types from Arrived the next day. With freshly roasted beans and following machine instructions and videos everything worked brilliantly. Everything is exactly as stated on the Sage website as long as you use freshly roasted beans. Works a treat. Now trying different beans to find which best suit my taste. I deferred buying a coffee machine for years because I doubted how good they were. This is brilliant."

29 March 2015

Great Coffee

"Well worth the money - great coffee and superb quality feel"

14 March 2015

Express barista

"Decided a new coffee machine was needed and was overwhelmed by the choice available since buying my last bean to cup machine 6 years ago, which is now beyond repair. Decided that I would give this one a go. I was a little hesitant as my previous machine was fully automated but after doing a bit of research I came to the conclusion that you pay extra money for the convenience of the machine being fully automatic. with the sage machine you get a versatile grinder the one side and the coffee extraction system the other. Also less moving parts and electronics therefore less to go wrong was my thinking. Not to mention the machine looks stunning and build quality is top notch. The machine was unpacked and ready to go in less than 20 minutes after careful consideration was given to placement in our kitchen. Extracted our first single shot following the initial settings recommended in the instruction and hey presto a perfect shot first time!! The double shot takes a little more time to achieve and I am not quite there yet. After my wife and I had a shot each I thought I would try to produce a latte. A minute or thereabouts later after texturing the milk which is so simple to do with the sage I had a beautiful creamy latte!! Very impressive. If you are considering a new machine I would recommend this one without hesitation. It may be a little pricey but it's worth it!! Buy one now and see for yourself!!"

7 March 2015

Barista heaven

"WOW what a machine the machine is great looking. but most importantly once grind setting right make amazing espresso/ americano and awesome micro foam.

ive tried espresso machines that cost twice or three times as much and this is equal to most.

for the money there is no better plus the grinder is more than capable so you save space.


28 February 2015

The Barista Express

"I had waited for a good year and a half, looking longingly at the The Barista Express every time i went into the local stockists, and finally 1 month ago it arrived in my kitchen..........Yeh. OMG its is the best piece of Kit i have every bought , extremely well made, stylish and very easy to use and MOST important it makes the best cup of coffee i have ever made, My friends and wife are constantly at me to make coffee, so much so 4 kg of beans have been ground into lovely lovely coffee. It is a must for any coffee lover to have in there kitchen . I am looking at changing all my Kitchen kit into SAGE products if they are as good as the The Barista Express.... you need one in your LIFE people "

28 February 2015

Worth every penny!

"I chose the Barista Express as my Christmas present last year and every day is still like Christmas Day! It's a great pleasure to use and the coffee produced is delicious. Even visitors to the house who are coffee enthusiasts comment (unprompted) how much better the coffee at our house is.

I've had many coffee machines over the years and even tolerated some eccentric Italian models that when on form were brilliant, but often there temperamental nature of the engineering meant very poor coffee and a frustrating experience.

Visually it's a machine that arrests attention and its nicely styled and easy to clean.

Setting up is something that takes a little time, but this is part of the pleasure. It's not difficult to get right it just takes a little patience and trial and error, but oh boy, once correctly adjusted, you get cup after cup of really fresh and delicious coffee. One tip; do use FRESHLY roasted beans it makes all the difference (the optimum seems to be from 2 weeks of roasting to around 6 weeks).

If you're hesitating because of the price tag, don't! Just pay the money and you'll soon be enjoying coffee as good as you can get in the very best coffee houses in London, Milan or Paris."

24 February 2015

Brilliant bit of kit

"Had this bought for me as a Christmas present this year. All I can say is that I love it!! I probably use it two to three times a day and each time it makes me feel good for making such great coffee.
Fabulous coffee maker."

11 February 2015

Barista's Dream

"The Barista Express..... I spotted it in Lakeland's and thought wow that looks great then saw the price, I ummed and ahhhhed for a few weeks and then thought I just can't resist it looks great and the reviews were great too.
What can I say !!!! simply brilliant, a joy to use, beautifully crafted and produces the best crema on my espresso that I have ever seen from any high end coffee shop barista. I've even managed to master the latte art as the steam wand is brilliant allowing you to texture/stretch your milk to perfection. If you are in any doubt about this product then hopefully this review may just push you over the edge.... you'll be glad you did !!!"

8 February 2015

Express Highway

"I bought The Barista Express after searching many reviews and I have to say this machine is an Express Highway to excellent coffee!

It's so simple to use, very well made and produces excellent coffee. It also looks proud sitting in my kitchen and I enjoy boasting about it!

Classy, fresh and sophisticated.... Buy it you will not be disappointed "

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