the Barista Express™

With an integrated grinder.

"Almost every ingredient tastes better when it's fresh and coffee is no exception."

The natural oils that give espresso and a cappuccino their rich, creamy flavours start to quickly degrade as soon as the beans are ground.  This product not only grinds it fresh straight into the filter for you, it delivers the right amount of coffee too.

There are 18 grind settings from course to fine for optimal espresso extraction as well as instant hot water for making long blacks and pre-heating cups. 

Heston's Tip:  "Check the ‘roasted on’ date on the bag and if it doesn’t have one don’t buy it as it’s almost certainly not fresh (your best chance is at your local café – the one with the queue out the door!).

Try to buy one small bag at a time so that you can use it all within a few weeks. You won’t believe how much difference freshly roasted beans make."


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BES870UK £549.99
  • Additional Features

    Electronic PID temperature control, true low pressure pre-infusion, high 1850W power, dedicated hot water outlet, water filtration system

  • Included Accessories

    the Razor Dosing Tool, on-board tamper, 54mm portfilter, stainless steel frothing jug, water filters, cleaning disc, tool & tablets

  • Construction

    Stainless Steel

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    2 Year Repair or Replacement


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11 February 2015

Barista's Dream

"The Barista Express..... I spotted it in Lakeland's and thought wow that looks great then saw the price, I ummed and ahhhhed for a few weeks and then thought I just can't resist it looks great and the reviews were great too.
What can I say !!!! simply brilliant, a joy to use, beautifully crafted and produces the best crema on my espresso that I have ever seen from any high end coffee shop barista. I've even managed to master the latte art as the steam wand is brilliant allowing you to texture/stretch your milk to perfection. If you are in any doubt about this product then hopefully this review may just push you over the edge.... you'll be glad you did !!!"

8 February 2015

Express Highway

"I bought The Barista Express after searching many reviews and I have to say this machine is an Express Highway to excellent coffee!

It's so simple to use, very well made and produces excellent coffee. It also looks proud sitting in my kitchen and I enjoy boasting about it!

Classy, fresh and sophisticated.... Buy it you will not be disappointed "

2 February 2015


"I've had this machine for just over 2 weeks now and am thrilled with it. It's incredibly well thought through and manufactured to very high standards. The quality of coffee and milk is significantly better than my previous Gaggia machine. Highly recommended."

31 January 2015

Barista Express "Pure Magic"

"Having had the chance to get to know my new coffeemaker I am now more thrilled than I was after reading all the info about it. Does all of the things I want it to. My main plus for this machine is that it leaves you in charge and is thus much more flexible than pure bean to cup machines. I love the detail of the process and am always looking forward to getting it just right then sitting down to enjoy the results!!! My wife is also very impressed and loves the results as well.
After this experiance with Sage equipment I am already looking at some of their other kitchen machines with some relish. I like what I see and they all look to be facile."

3 January 2015

Barista Express - One Year On

"One year on from our purchase of The Barista Express, so how has it been? Quite simply, this is a fantastic machine and we wouldn't do without it. Now 12 months old, it still looks as good as it did on day one and performing as well as it did from the start. The joy of the Barista Express is not only the final product - great tasting coffee - but, also the pleasure of making it. Don't hesitate - if you're looking for a great coffee machine for the home (or work), the Barista Express will not, will not, disappoint. "

30 December 2014

One happy customer

"As a real coffee lover I decided to purchase the barista as a joint Christmas present for myself and my husband. We were already owners of a bean to cup machine but we were disappointed by the taste. We could not be happier with this machine. The quality of the machine is far superior to anything we have previously had. The taste of the coffee is excellent and better than any coffee shop. The helpful tips and advice, videos that Sage offer is excellent in terms of how to use the machine and which coffee to get to the age of the beans. I would highly recommend the videos and the machine. We have become so impressed that we have started roasting our own beans so we know how old they are. I am not surprised that Heston Blumenthal has put his name to this machine as with his name you expect quality, excellence and sophistication which you definitely get. Highly recommend. "

27 December 2014


"This took a few attempts to get the coffee right but now, after two weeks, I don't even need to think about it. Adjustments to grind and amount are now intuitive. It's a really great machine and I totally recommend it. It does, however, require regular tlc in terms of cleaning and emptying the tray. Also the water reservoir could do with being a bit bigger.
Buy fresh roasted beans. Supermarket beans are a poor substitute. "

22 December 2014

So far so good

"The biggest challenge has been getting the machine out of the box - some of the filters seemed to be missing but they were protectively packed inside the jug. Following the quick start instructions was easy and I soon had my first espresso - one minor adjustment only needed from the suggested settings - to increase the grind volume. The coffee was lovely and full and smooth with no bitterness or sourness. Have not tried texturing milk yet .....

It looks great and feels robust. I hope it does not mark easily!

Interestingly it is designed/made in Australia - called Breville there and in the US.

I feel much happier with this machine than my previous Gaggias, though it did cost rather more and it is of course early days."

15 December 2014

Superb value for money

"Like other reviewers this is my first "serious" espresso machine. It is brilliantly crafted, wonderfully accurate and so simple to use. Combined with high quality, fresh beans the results in your cup are amazing.

The wand is of a professional standard and with a little practice, I've been texturing milk to artisan levels.

I would like to just mention the design, packaging and whole "experience" of setting up the machine. Every attention to detail has been thought through (hey it is Heston!), with the manuals full of handy tips and clear, concise instructions. This product has been carefully designed by experts and it shows.

Oh and I love the precision engineered Razor!

All in all, I really could not recommend this highly enough.""

14 December 2014

The Best!

"I can't recommend this highly enough. I have had other coffee machines at half the price that don't last and make mediocre coffee at best.

The Barista Express is manufactured to a very high quality and feels solid. It looks like a smaller version of the machines you see in retail coffee shops and makes coffee to challenge any.

The grinder is superb as is the milk frother. If you are passionate about coffee then this is the machine for you. I do not think you can get a better machine that makes coffee of this quality at a more affordable price point.

Buy cheap, buy twice!"

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