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the Dual Boiler™

For precision extraction and simultaneous steam

Be your own barista and create great tasting coffee to rival the best café. The Dual Boiler™ is for the coffee connoisseur who prefers to control every step in the espresso process. You can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, allowing you to capture the delicate aromatics of the espresso in your coffee by having the espresso and milk ready at the same time.

Precise Espresso Extraction - Dual Stainless steel boilers and heated group head, both regulated by our digital temperature control technology (PID), delivers water at precisely the right temperature, eliminating temperature surfing* for consistent espresso quality, shot after shot. The Dual Boiler™ also features an Over Pressure Valve (OPV) which limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, helping to prevent bitter flavours in the shot. It also offers a true low pressure pre-infusion, which gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction. There is also a shot clock and pressure gauge to help you improve your barista skills.

Micro-foam Milk - the steam wand, powered by the dedicated steam boiler, instantly delivers the pressure to create micro-foam texture similar to commercial machines that enhances coffee flavour and is essential to create latte art.

Barista’s Choice - The Dual Boiler is the professional Barista’s choice for their home machine. “24.5 out of 25. Ridiculously good.” Craig Simon. Australian Barista Champion

Temperature Surfing. Purging and flushing water through the group head of single heat source espresso machines in an attempt to hit the correct extraction temperature.

Once you get the Dual Boiler home, call us and we will send a trained coffee engineer to your home to ensure your machine is set up for optimal performance.  Offer is free and available to all consumer on mainland Great Britain. click here for details

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BES920UK £1,199.00
  • Pump Pressure

    15 Bar Italian Pump - limited via an Over Pressure Valve for optimal extraction pressure

  • Timer

    Shot Clock to aid consistency Start up timer

  • Heating System

    Dual Stainless Steel Boiler with Actively Heated Group Head Twin PID controlled

  • Purge Function

    Not Required

  • Pre Infusion Function

    True pre-infusion. Programmable in both duration and % of pressure

  • Included Grouphead Filters

    Single and dual wall filters in both sigle and double shot size.

  • Water Tank Capacity


  • Onboard Storage

    for cleaning tools and accessories.

  • Additional Features

    Steam activation paddle. Dedicated hot water outlet. Shot Clock. Pressure gauge. Twin PID controlled. Easy access to rear via drop down wheel. Over size cup warming tray. Front and rear fill water tank

  • Included Accessories

    Water filter, 480ml stainless steel jug, cleaning disc and tablets, cleaning tools, Razor post tamp dosing tool

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    2 Year Repair or Replacement


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24 March 2015


"I've now had the Sage dual boiler for almost year and I'm absolutely delighted with it. I'm a huge coffee fan and with this I'm consistently producing coffee that certainly rivals that of the major coffee chains and at times comes close to emulating the great coffee from my local specialist (read 'hipster') coffee shop - and they are huge coffee nerds.

I've paired this with the Sage grinder - with which I'm not quite so happy - there's not quite the level of micro-adjustment on the grind that really enables you to fine tune the recipe, and it's not as consistent as I'd like with the dosing - but then, I'm quite a perfectionist.

I've recently had a days barista training at the marvellous Prufrocks in London, and they were very complimentary about the machine as a home espresso maker. Following this, a little fine-tuning to the coffee recipe and a great improvement to the latte art, and I'm producing some stunning flat whites. (For those of you who are interested - generally looking at around 16.5g of coffee in the basket for a 34g extraction over around 30 seconds.) Being able to change between time and volume for extraction on the machine is amazing - it's really made a difference in consistency.

I wouldn't agree with one of the below comments, where they mention using cheaper coffee - if anything this machine will encourage you to experiment with all kinds of freshly roasted specialist coffee, as it's possible to distinguish much more difference in the espresso produced and highlight more subtle flavours. Freshly roasted beans (less than 2 weeks since roast) are the ideal.

It's worth spending time on the cleaning cycle / flush / descale - you've got to look after this as a specialist machine, but the rewards are well worth it."

24 February 2015

Sage Duel Boiler

"Having been a Coffee "nut" for over 30yrs and owner of Bean to Cup Gagia and De Longhi Expresso makers, also a La Pavoni Piccolo. I also Roast green. Beans on occasions. However, I have yet to produce an anywhere decent Expresso from my Sage.

Textured Milk is superb - could not ask for better.

The White Glove Service (Coffee Classics Ltd, Nick) arrived promptly and also failed to produce an Expresso! Nick stated that the Beans were not suitable. I had expected the White Glove Service to furnish Beans that they knew were suitable for setting-up the Machine. This was not the case. I have since tried Beans recommended by White Glove Service, but to no avail.

Very disappointed with the situation because this Machine is very adjustable for Varying Brew requirements. (One of the reasons I chose it) The magnificent Sage Pro Grinder performs well.
A very good looking Machine, accessories and cleaning products seem over expensive.

I am hopeful that eventually I shall be able to produce an Expresso!"

22 January 2015

Kitchen Porn that actually works (extremely well)

"Having caught the coffee bug a few years back I have gone through a few machines pod and bean to cup but as my interest grew I needed a proper espresso machine. What I did know was that my frustration with all the machines I had was the time it took to make an espresso and then steam some milk it took so long and was very frustrating.

Being a geek at heart I researched my next machine and didn't make the decision lightly after 6 months I made the decision to go for the dual boiler as it had everything I wanted and also fitted in the only space I had available in my kitchen.

When it turned up even my wife was impressed and she doesn't like coffee it looks so sexy and feels solid, setup was very easy and had it up and running within 10 minutes.

I did have some frustrations initially with the espresso but this is to be expected as it is a skill but after some practice and the white glove service I know have them nailed and with different beans as well.

From the start the milk was so simple all the machines I had before just didn't steam milk easily or well and being able to steam at the same time as making the shot is life changing and the kids and the wife both love their hot chocolates and baby chinos.

I am so pleased with the dual boiler, I did say that if I got it I wouldn't spend money on coffee at work during the day but deep down this was only to make the wife agree to the purchase but I can honestly say since I've had it I haven't purchased one coffee as I think that I can do a flat white as good as if not better than a lot of the artisan coffee shops in east London where I work.

Don't hesitate this is a great machine in both looks and function and I have Zero complaints and look forward to many years of happy mornings and late nights."

23 December 2014

Proper coffee

"After years of using expensive capsules and not getting a perfect coffee I finally decided to invest in a decent espresso machine.

The coffee is consistently excellent but the main joy is being able to prepare milk suitable for either latte or cappuccino, this takes a bit of getting used to but after an excellent tutorial from Sage's White Glove Service I have finally got the hang of it.

Paired with the Sage Smart Grinder it takes no longer to make a decent Italian style drink with the bonus of much cheaper coffee.

A great investment."

15 December 2014

Incredible Coffee Machine...so much better than the well known coffee shops!

"My husband and I have wanted this machine since we first saw it being demonstrated in the Oxford Street branch of John Lewis. We finally decided to buy the Dual Boiler as an early Christmas present to ourselves. It is amazing, the coffee tastes so much better than anything else we have tasted. We have had 3 Nespresso machines, 2 Tassimo machines and a Gaggia machine before but none of them come close to this one in terms of the coffee taste. We always used to have sugar or honey in our coffee but no longer need it because the Dual Boiler is designed to ensure you never get a bitter tasting cup of coffee. I would not hesitate in recommending this machine, it heats up very quickly and is incredibly easy to keep clean. As part of the deal you also have the 'white glove service', I just called Sage and they arranged for someone to come out and show you how to use the machine and how to get the most out of it."

23 October 2014

Love at first brew

"After years of struggling with smaller machines - albeit very good brands - as in 3 different espresso/cappuccino machines - we finally decided enough was enough and that we needed a decent machine that was consistent. We did not want to go the capsule route and the automatic machines seem too soulless. We are careful about our choice of coffee, the temperature of our frothy milk, etc and make our coffee with loving care in pre-heated cups. The Double Boiler therefore gives us the technical superiority without losing the mystic of coffee making.

Research also suggested a double boiler was ideal and the short warm up time of the Sage Double Boiler sealed the deal. As we make between 3 to 6 cappuccinos a day, it seemed a sensible investment.

The instructions are well written and it is simplicity itself to use and clean. I don't know how we did without it all these years."

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