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the Oracle™

The Dual Boiler™ with automatic grinding, tamping and milk texturing.

The Oracle™ creates café quality coffee that tastes like you’d get in your favorite café. The Oracle™ has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing, automating the two most difficult parts of manual espresso. You can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, enabling you to go from beans to latte in under a minute.

Auto & Mess Free - The integrated conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tamps22 grams for a double shot, similar to the commercial machine in your favorite café.

Precise Espresso Extraction - Dual stainless steel boilers and heated group head, both regulated by our digital temperature control (PID) automatically delivers the water at precisely the right temperature, extracting maximum flavor potential. The Oracle™ also features an Over Pressure Valve (OPV). This commercial feature limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, helping prevent bitter flavors in the shot. It also has true low pressure pre-infusion, which gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction.

Micro-foam Milk - The automatic steam wand textures milk to your preferred taste and temperature, from silky smooth latte (less texture) to creamy cappuccino (more texture). Powered by a dedicated boiler, the auto steam wand delivers barista quality micro-foam that enhances the flavor of the coffee and is essential for creating latte art.

One Touch Americano - the innovative One Touch Americano feature delivers a double espresso, and then separately through a dedicated spout, fills the cup with hot water, the same way as any good commercial machine.

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1 April 2015

Sage Oracle

"I purchased the Oracle after a long period of online investigation. As everyone knows there are hundreds of choices out there and it took me some time to decide. The reviews for the Oracle on both the sales websites and coffee forums were overwhelmingly positive.
I eventually took the plunge for the Oracle which is the most expensive of the Heston branded range.
Once I got the sizeable box home I unpacked it and followed the easy set up instructions. Within no time I was extracting gorgeous shots of espresso. The machine is easy to use as any bean to cup that I have ever owned.
The function to adjust the coarseness of the grind is excellent. Once you get used to how long the shot should take to pour and what it should look like it is really simple to adjust the machine to extract delicious rich espresso.
The other great part on the oracle is the Milk wand. It automatically prepares the milk to a preset temperature and 'throf'.
It makes smooth sweet and perfect milk for Latte, Capacinno and Machiatta.
The only tiny criticism would be that the machine is slightly messier than other fully manual bean to cup machines. A small amount of ground coffee is lost when moving the ports filter to the group head. However this is a tiny price to pay for this excellent machine!

I couldn't be happier with the Machine. No doubt it is expensive but I feel that it is worth it. I'm yet to have the 'white glove' visit but look forward to be shown more control to the machine.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Oracle to anyone looking for a luxury coffee machine. "

21 March 2015


"Excellent really enjoying such good quality coffee at home.
One point. A built in spirit level would be a good idea to ensure the espresso flows equally into both cups"

25 February 2015

The Oracle

"The Oracle definitely provides a quality cup of coffee every time. As we were new to this, we did lots of research online before choosing this model and it lives up to all our expectations. We recommend the white glove service, ours was excellent. We set up the machine together and tweaked to get just what we wanted. You need to choose quality beans which are your preference for the flavour. A brilliant machine, easy to use and we definitely recommend it."

19 February 2015

As good as they said

"Bought this machine to replace a Neff built in coffee machine.
The Neff was good, but this machine is better the dual boilers make it easy to quickly make good coffee. The automatic milk frother works really well. The coffee is great and you can easily adjust settings to your preferences.
This machine is expensive but so far its worth it and I hope it lasts as long as my previous machine over 6 years which is should for how much is costs."

6 January 2015

top notch

"I am a newbie to coffee making. Spoke to one of your guys for suggestion what to go for and was advised to go for the Oracle.
He wasn't wrong!
Follow the booklet ( not quick start ) then tweak to your preference.
Took me two tweaks to get perfect coffee for us ( easy to adjust milk / coffee preferences )
The taste was better than any store bought - I suggest using Pact. Read their website to understand why!
Sages website is useful to see products in operation ( Despite being new to this I don't need white glove service - down to excellence of video demos and booklet.
Sure this is a considered purchase - but if you want great tasting coffee and a machine that looks like it will last / quick to set up and use look no further."

2 January 2015


"Well, the Oracle foretold that anyone could make a great cup of coffee and it was right!
Machine arrived extremely well packed. Instructions were clear and we were quickly up and running. Excellent results from bean to cup - the automation prevents the trainee Barista from making fundamental mistakes! However, the White Glove service was brilliant and definitely worthwhile. They were extremely informative on all aspects of coffee making, and specifically the Oracle's abilities.
Although at the expensive end of the home espresso machines, the Sage Oracle is well worth it."

14 December 2014

The Oracle

"We had been using a well known brand of coffee machine advertised by a certain Hollywood actor, who's name escapes me - I'm pretty sure if I asked my partner she'd know!
So for the past 6 years we have enjoyed coffee from said machine but found we were spending an absolute fortune on capsules each month.

After months and months of research on various coffee blogs etc albeit still slightly intimidated we decided to take the plunge and enter the world of 'real' coffee and opted for The Sage Oracle.

No need to have been intimidated, an absolute sinch "

3 November 2014

Beautifully done

"Having used a Jura machine for the last 12 years it was always going to difficult to find an adequate replacement. Then along came the Oracle! Giving such a great level of control but with the difficult bits automated was a stroke of genius. Great coffee EVERY time. The substantial steam wand also looks as if it will last through to a cleaning cycle without difficulty. Great service from the White Glove installation service, which was included in the price. Only criticism is that you can't wind down the dose for those that like a weaker brew. "

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