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the Scraper Mixer Pro™

With electronic speed control and countdown timer
  • Every great cake starts with perfectly creamed butter. But butter sticks to the bowl hiding lumpy bits of sugar and requires wiping as you mix. So this mixer has a windscreen wiper to scrape the bowl whilst it mixes.

  • It works up to three times faster than ordinary beaters so it traps in more air, making lighter fluffier cakes.

  • It also has an electronic speed control and a countdown timer.

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BEM800UK £299.95
  • Mixing Action

    Planetary Mixing Action - replicating a similar mixing action used by commercial mixers in bakeries, this planetary mixer achieves 360 degree coverage around the bowl for evenly mixed batter, creamy icing and pliable dough.

  • Variable Speed Control

    Complete control and versatility for all mixing tasks

  • Capacity

    Large 4.7 litre mixing bowl with handle

  • Speed Settings

    Full variable electronic speed control from slow kneading to rapid whipping

  • Timer

    Count up and down timer with pause function for precise mixing

  • Motor Protection System

    Prevents motor burnout if mixer is excessively overloaded

  • Load Sensing Technology

    Internal sensors detect when heavy batters are being mixed and automatically adjust the power to maintain the selected speed

  • Quiet Operation

    Motor and internal components work together efficiently, maximising performance and minimising noise.

  • Splash Guard

    Allows ingredients to be easily added and prevents splattering

  • Cleaning

    Dishwasher safe attachments

  • Additional Features

    Tilt back and lock down mixer head (ingredients can be easily added to the mixing bowl), internal cord storage, lift assist handles (for easy lifting of the mixer body)

  • Included Accessories

    Extra wide attachments include:  scraper beater(flexible edge scrapes the bowl for thoroughly mixed ingredients), standard flat beater, dough hook, wire whisk, splash guard, spatula

  • Construction

    Die cast metal mixer body and stainless steel bowl

  • Warranty

    2 Year Repair with 5 Year Motor Warranty

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Wattage

    1000 Watts

  • Innovations

    Scraper Beater

  • Design Notes

    Designed and engineered in Australia


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11 July 2015

Happy Sage!

"To the tune of 'Happy talk' - South Pacific

Happy, happy, happy, happy Sage!
Think of all the things that I can do.
Whip cream and knead some dough,
Beats egg and fold in flour.
And it scrapes the bowl down just for you!!



16 March 2015

Ode to Sage

"The package arrived on a cold Winter's day.
Would we smile with joy or frown in dismay?

No Fear! This mixer so shiny and new,
creamed for our cakes and mixed our dough too.

Regrets? Not a one. Sage, thank you to all.
From the Product Designers.........down,
To Mr Blumenthal."

4 February 2015


"I bought this for my fiancé for Christmas and it is just wonderful. Quiet, efficient, beautiful design... The scraper beater is such a simple and brilliant idea it's incredible that no one thought of it before. I highly recommend this mixer - our results have been perfect every time with it!"

3 January 2015

Magic Mixer

"Recently replaced my old mixer with the Scraper Mixer Pro. Wow! What a difference! I am really impressed that the mixer completely lives up to all that it claims. Easy to use, no scraping down needed, excellent results whether whipping, creaming or beating and easy to clean after use. This week's raspberry roulade was easily the best I've ever made. Highly recommended."

3 January 2015


"My partner wanted a mixer for ages, so I finerly pulled my finger out and brought her one, and she loves it.
Can't get her out the kitchen not sure if that's a good or bad thing as my waist line is growing haha.

She loves the fact that it has written on the machine the different speeds for different mixes. And looks the part well worth every penny. "

5 December 2014

Worth the wait...

"I was given my scraper mixer pro as a 'significant' birthday gift just over a year ago. Lack of bench space in a tiny kitchen has meant it has been hibernating in its box untouched ever since. Having agreed to make pavlovas for a village event, I decided that the time had come to release the beast from its lair. Of course, the pavs were historic as was the bread made on a later occasion and I wish I'd opened and used my present much, much sooner. I am loving everything about this machine."

29 November 2014

Love it

"Chose the Scraper Pro after some research, it looks great sitting on my side, has sufficient weight, does not move when working, mixes very well, easily controlled, easy to clean, what more could you want. "

30 August 2014

Sage mixer pro

"Really pleased.Since purchasing have made bread,danish pastries,pastry and muffins all great. Just beginning to use the timer. One request would be for a smaller bowl to handle smaller quatities."

27 August 2014

Happy so far

"I have been after a stand mixer for quite some time and liked the look of the Scraper Mixer Pro. Here's what I've made with it and found useful.

Bread - much better at kneading than I was ever able.
Cookie Mix - with the splash cover, this made a lot less mess than I usually do. Quick to mix too.
Cake batter - I prefer my handheld mixer for this, as I do an all-in-one method for my sponge and it's too easy to do too long and aerate with this mixer. However, if you prefer first creaming the sugar and butter together, this mixer is pretty good at it.
Cream - I never realised how much easier this would be to mix with a stand mixer. I'm able to check on other parts of the recipe while this is whipping up.

I haven't used the timer feature yet, as I want to get a better feel for how long it takes to do a job before trusting it to a timer. For example, once I know for certain takes 4 minutes to whip egg whites to stiff peaks, I'll use the timer and not babysit the machine.

All in all, I think it does its job quite well. One slight annoyance is that after lifting the arm, when I put it back down, all the lights need to fire up the LED display and back down before I can turn the knob and restart mixing. This isn't a major thing, as it's only an extra couple of seconds, but I have noticed it each time and found it vexing. "

22 July 2014


"I've made all manner of cakes and bakes over the years with a hand held mixer and decided that it was high time I had a free standing one to make life easier. I love the Scraper Mixer Pro and the end products speak for themselves and I'm not ashamed to say, are better than my previous efforts. The machine is solid and well made, easy to clean and use and the range of attachments cover all bases. I'm extremely happy with my choice. "

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