• Smart Kettle

the Smart Kettle™

With 5 temperature settings for optimal tea flavour


  • To extract the most delicate flavours, different teas need to be steeped at different temperatures and this kettle lets you choose, for the perfect brew.

  • Five pre-programmed temperature buttons tell you which temperature to select for which type of tea. It heats to the selected temperature, turns itself off, and if selected, will even keep warm for 20 minutes after heating.


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BKE820UK £99.99
  • Temperature Settings

    5 temperature settings: boil, coffee, black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, plus keep warm

  • Slow Release Lid

    Cushion controlled soft open lid prevents hot water splash back

  • Keep Warm Function

    20 minute keep warm setting holds the temperature of the water for 20 minutes

  • Auto Off

    Safety auto cut-off & boil dry protection

  • Capacity

    1.7 litres, 7 cups

  • Makes Tea

    5 temperature settings for optimal brewing temperatures of a variety of different teas and coffee

  • Lid Release

    Cushioned controlled lid with soft opening prevents hot water splash back

  • Water Windows

    Dual water windows

  • Ready Bell

    Ready bell rings when water has boiled

  • Filtration

    Removable scale filter for easy cleaning

  • Cord Storage

    Wrap under base with adjustable cord length

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Construction

    Stainless steel

  • Wattage

    3000 Watts

  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement


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10 May 2015

Smart in every way

"This kettle is a top quality product in every sense; performs brilliantly, looks very stylish and has a range of convenient features. As for the price, then the old adage applies - you get what you pay for - and this is worth every penny. We also have the 4 slice Sage smart toaster and the same comments apply. Keep it up Sage. You are bringing practical, easy to use and stylish products to the kitchen."

17 March 2015

Best ever

"Brilliant kettle first sage item I have purchased and I'm over the moon !! Easy to use and the keep hot button is a great idea ! If you buy this you will be thrilled it may be more expensive than an average kettle but this has the wow factor !!"

28 February 2015

What a good Kettle

"Wow what a difference this kettle has made to green tea, it really does taste so much better and no bitter after taste at all.
I am not a coffee drinker but have been told the taste of that has improved as well.
I like the design and the buttons that light up.
I am now a Sage fan."

16 February 2015

Love it

"I bought this kettle because I liked the idea of different temperatures as I drink a range of teas. I particularly wanted a brushed steel look and a quality feel to it and I think the design is sleek. I'm very happy with it and would recommend to others. I think £99 is expensive but I obtained it for £70 which I felt was more reasonable.
I'm already considering the Sage toaster."

13 February 2015

Smart Kettle

"My Son in Australia has a Smart Kettle by Breville, and I have looked everywhere in the shops for one. When I saw the Sage kettle I just had to buy it.
This kettle is a pleasure to use, it heats the water to the correct temperature, no more boiling water and letting it cool down guessing when its the right heat. Perfect drinks every time. The keep warm button is a god send so no more boiling up for second cups.
My last kettle only lasted 3 weeks before it started going rusty and that wasn't a cheap one either, so it was nice to find a kettle of such good quality."

9 February 2015

Top marks!

"This kettle is a design marvel... and it gives me pleasure every time I look at it and use it.
As for the quality of the flavours... Wow! I'm a coffee, herb and fruit teas drinker mostly.... and now at last I am drinking green tea every day because it now tastes great.... as opposed to thinking I ought to for health reasons but disliking the bitter flavour. Ginger and honey tea now tastes like..... ginger and honey! As for my coffee, this takes away the hit and miss aspect of trying for "not quite boiling".
At £100 I think it's reasonably priced but would have been out if my price bracket currently... so I am delighted to have found it at £65 January sale price from John Lewis.
If this is representative of the quality and functionality of Sage appliances then I will happily invest in another when the need arises."

8 February 2015

Smart kettle

"I bought this kettle for a quality build point of view after getting very fed up of buying cheaper kettles which ended up leaking on the base and stop working after 18 months.
To be honest, I didn't really think that it would make a difference to the taste of the tea when made with different temperatures, but that didn't bother me. Well, I was wrong. Gone are the days of bitter tasting green tea and black tea has a more rounded, gentle taste too, where you can taste more of the flavour. I don't like coffee and haven't tried the Oolong button either, but I am so pleased I bought this kettle. The keep warm feature is very handy too.
It looks good, it's solid and has light up buttons, which appeals to my gadget fiend nature and it feels like it will last a very long time without problem. I have made many more cups of tea since I've got it because I can't believe the difference in taste.
I'm so impressed with my kettle, the next kitchen appliance I'll buy will definitely be a Sage.

3 February 2015

Great Smart Kettle

"Bought this Smart Kettle along with the Sage Smart Toaster thinking I would never really use all the settings but I find them to be all very useful especially the keep warm function which works really well when my mum visits for a cuppa.

Only downside is that the outside casing of the kettle gets very hot once it is boiled so you have to very careful not to to touch it."

26 January 2015

A nice product

"This kettle does the trick. It looks good and gets the best flavours out of the teas. It's worth stressing, it makes a huge difference to the flavour of tea. The kettle is smaller than expected, in a good way, ensuring it doesn't take up too much counter space.

In operation, the kettle isn't too noisy and has a pleasant beep to let you know when it's ready. This becomes useful as heating water to anything other than 100c requires two waves of heating from the kettle, with a pause in between. The beep indicates the end of the overall heating process and not the 1st wave. I'm sure that it works like this for good reason, but it's a little odd and adds to the (small) learning curve. It also can mean the overall heating time for 80-95c is longer than boiling to 100c.

It's easy to use but does take a small bit of learning: Do I select 'keep warm' then 'start', do i need to select a temperature before or after? What does that beep mean? Is it ready to use...etc. But these are all quickly learnt.

For your money, you get a better than your average kettle. It's easy to see what you get for your extra cash (i.e. a sturdy, compact design, soft opening door, temperature functionality). If you drink loose leaf teas, this is definitely worth the extra money"

4 January 2015

Smart Kettle really works!

"This kettle is a design wonder. Not only does it look superb but It is ergonomically designed so feels secure when handled and when you are pouring water. I only use a couple of the temperature settings but they really make a difference.... you would not realise this until you use this kettle!

So happy with this purchase, I shall be looking at other SAGE appliances now."

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