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the Smart Scoop™

Ice cream maker with automatic hardness settings

  • The creamier the mix the thicker it churns. So if you want to make something more delicate, like a sorbet or yoghurt, an ice cream maker needs constant supervision.

  • The Smart Scoop is the very first maker that automatically senses how hard the mixture is depending on your setting selection then keeps it at the right consistency for up to 3 hours.

  • There are 12 hardness settings to choose from so you can choose from sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato and ice cream. Either use the pre-set automatic programs, or set it to manual for ultimate control.

  • It even plays music when it’s ready, just like the old ice cream van!

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BCI600UK £349.99
  • Capacity

    1 litre bowl capacity

  • Controls

    Fully automatic and manual

  • Nonstick Surface


  • Additional Features

    BPA free material used for transparent lid with large add-ins opening

    BPA free removable paddle

    Self-refrigerating compressor

    Eco-friendly refrigerant R134A

    Functions include: Pre-cool (cool machine to -30 deg C), keep cool for up to 3 hours, temperature conversion, volume/music adjustment, child lock Back-lit LCD with temperature and time display

    12 hardness settings - Choose from pre-settings for sorbet, frozen yoghurt, gelato and ice cream

  • Included Accessories

    bowl, paddle and cleaning brush

  • Construction

    stainless steel

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Warranty

    2 Year Repair or Replacement


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30 June 2015

Perfect Home Made Ice Cream

"I bought this to replace an old ice cream maker and planned to upgrade at the same time. It's. Retain,y an upgrade, it's easy to use and clean and makes beautifully textured ice cream. I'm currently working through various vanilla recipes to work out the best basic ice cream recipe for us, and so far all variations of egg, cream milk quantities have worked in this machine. With the pre chill I can go from base ingredients through to finished ice cream in under 2 hours! "

9 March 2015

Matched very high expectations

"Having scrutinised reviews, and with high expectations of (my first) Sage device, this really has come up to the mark. It's easy to use and clean, with very good capacity, and produces excellent ice cream. The pre-freeze is well worth using - it shortens the time significantly. Whilst it would be disingenuous to describe it as quiet, it certainly is far from noisy. If you're in the kitchen whilst it's running it isn't intrusive at all.
My one constructive criticism is the instruction manual - which just doesn't flow from section to section. It reads like a cut and paste piece of editorial and repeats itself as you work your way through the process, which is quite confusing, and rather unnecessary because the machine is actually very simple to use. I suggest you get a good editor to work through the booklet and tighten it up so it makes more sense."

11 February 2015

Love this machine

"I am so pleased with my new Ice cream maker. A replacement for another brand I have had for years. The Sage machine is so easy to use and the recipe for basic vanilla ice cream was excellent. Next I made a recipe of my own for gin and tonic sorbet a hit with my diner party guests. I don't find the machine noisy and it has an excellent capacity. Yes it could do with a few more recipes but to be honest I think if you have a good cook book at home most have ice cream/sorbet recipes that are easy to follow if not there are plenty on the internet. The alarm to let you know when to put add ins eg chocolate chips is brilliant as is the pre chill. The machine is really sturdy, I had to replace my old machine as the plastic casing had broken. This looks like a machine that will last a lifetime. An added bonus is the ice cream bell when it is ready, sure to bring a smile! An all round winner it has earned its place on my worktop already."

24 November 2014


"Having had a previous cuisinart which I considered made good ice cream, (although it was so loud it had to be placed in another room and had a clockwork timer) I was mortified when it broke. Once you have experienced homemade you never go back!
I spent many, many hours reading all the reviews for every machine available, that is why I am happy to write this one because it was and is an outright winner.
Firstly it is so user friendly, a very sensible clear readout so you know at any time exactly at what stage your creation is, an audible reminder and visual display when it's time to add mix-ins and half of the top of the lid folds back so there is plenty of room to put them in.
Secondly, the design of the paddle makes it very easy to scrape but thirdly and best of all it makes fabulous ice cream.
A few people thought it was noisy but believe you me its like a pussycat purring compared to my old one, it has a compressor, so it has to make some noise but you can hold a conversation whilst it's working.
Make sure you read the accompanying booklet, it has some very good tips and recipes ( which are right at the back) so the people who complained that there weren't any didn't read the whole book!
Well done Heston!"

4 November 2014

Fantastic product

"I recently purchased this item after moving from a freezer bowl one and its the best kitchen appliance decision I have made. The ice cream is made perfectly to the right hardness. I love it. I did toy between the Sage and another well known brand of a similar price but I am so pleased I picked this one. If you want to send me a kettle to try I would happily test it for you. Thanks."

13 October 2014

Wonderful Ice Cream

"There is only one word to describe this ice cream maker and that is 'WONDERFUL '. It makes excellent ice cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt and we have had so much fun experimenting with different flavours. There are loads of recipes on the Internet and we've made up our own.

Now we always have fresh tasty frozen desserts and know exactly what has gone into them.

The only person who doesn't like this machine is the ice cream man in his van!"

16 September 2014

Better than shop bought !!

"Keeping it in the family I have been lucky to have a wonderful husband in buying my next Sage kitchen gadget - and once you buy this you think there is no way you are going back to buying ice-creams from the stores again. I've made so many different "usual" types of ice-creams and sorbets now its My Time to try and test out other combinations - another fantastic purchase and if you were asking for more I got for free a Multi Cooker when purchasing the Smart Scoop !!!! Thank you again to Sage and my loving husband."

10 August 2014


"I bought this yesterday and so far have made a quick ice-cream, orange and lemon sorbet,and two batches of strawberry ice cream. My only disappointment was the lack of a recipe book, hence the two batches of strawberry ice-cream made to much mixture for one go, both recipes I found on the internet As said before it was worth watching the short videos, from theses I decided not to fill the maker to full.
My husband who is the ice cream fanatic in our house is over the moon with my first attempts, and looks forward to different tastings.


18 July 2014

So Smooth and cool

"A fantastic machine, which we purchased as a replacement for our old machine. The ice cream tastes great and for the first time you have control over the hardness and it is simple to do.

The music adds to the fun when it is ready and the keep cool is great, as you can serve it your friends, then return for more freshly churned ice cream.

Smooth ice cream for a smooth looking machine. My only dilemma is what to make."

8 July 2014

Excellent but pricey

" An expensive but excellent machine - by far and away the best one of the many I have used over the years (including Philips, Magimix, IceAppliance, Cuisinart - both freestanding compressor and freezing disc models). It is intuitive to use but recommend watching the demonstration video first. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-TtsnD0MJqQ There were no recipes in the box with the appliance but a quick email to the Sage team resulted in an excellent small book of recipes being emailed to me. I have had problems with securing the lid with many past appliances due to a wrist injury. The Sage machine is very easy to assemble and safer to operate due to the fact that the motor driving the blade is in the main body of the machine and not driven, as in so many appliances, from above as part of the lid (the latter resulting in the torque loosening the lid and spinning the electric cable on itself as the ice cream sets). Watch the quantities used. It will certainly take a generous litre of liquid, but keeping to the recipe quantities results in a firmer set. I've now made lavender ice cream (my own recipe), hedgerow ice cream, pistachio and rose water Kulfi, passion fruit ice cream and vanilla. Easy peasy. All absolutely delicious. Great purchase, especially as I got it from Lakeland when it was reduced to £315 and it came with a free Sage Multi Cooker (which will make no-stir risottos as well as sauté, steam and slow cook). Strongly recommend."

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