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the Tea Maker™

With variable brew temperature, time and strength for different teas



  • The Sage™ Tea Maker™ is the world’s first fully automatic tea maker, it brews for exactly the right time and at precisely the right temperature, keeping the tannins intact. 

  • Simply select the tea type and the leaves are automatically lowered into the water and then back up for perfectly infused tea. 

  • Ingeniously, the Tea Maker has a programmable ‘start’ feature and it can also keep the brew warm for up to an hour. 




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BTM800UK £199.99
  • Capacity

    1.5L kettle, 6 cups or 1.2L tea maker, 5 cups

  • Makes Tea

    Full tea making functionality at the push of a button, controlling brew temperature and steeping time

  • QuietBoil

    Reduced sound through insulated glass jug

  • Lid Release

    Lift off to remove lid

  • Temperature Settings

    Pre-set functions for specific teas and coffee, customisable in 5° increments from 70° to 100°

  • Keep Warm Function

    60 minute keep warm setting

  • Water Gauge

    Water level indicator

  • Display

    LCD shows temperature of water, steeping time, time remaining and time since brewed

  • Water Windows

    Fully viewable glass kettle

  • Programmable

    Delayed start allows you to program the start time to be ready when you wake up, plus 60 minute 'keep warm'

  • Auto Off

    Safety auto cut-off & boil dry protection

  • Base Design

    Stainless steel base with temperature selection for your tea type

  • Filtration

    Removable stainless steel scale filter

  • Cord Storage

    Wrap under base

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Construction

    Glass kettle with stainless steel base

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement

  • Dimensions



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8 December 2014

Perfect tea every time

"Move over food processor - the Tea Maker is the best bit of kit in my kitchen!
Whether it's an everyday cuppa, a herbal infusion or something more exotic like lapsang souchong or oolong, you can guarantee the Tea Maker with its pre-set and customisable brew options will deliver a delicious cup of tea.
Beautifully engineered to the highest standards, it's a joy to use. The 'keep warm' function means the stewed second cup is a thing of the past. And it's so easy to tip out the used leaves and clean the basket the leaves sit in.
There will be no going back to teabags in this house."

17 October 2014

OMG this is just brilliant

"I have owned this for a few weeks now and I forgot how wonderful loose tea tastes compared to tea bags. This machine is so brilliant, the tea never stews as the caddy raises itself at the correct time and it stays warm for up to an hour. Perfect, I use it all day long now."

2 October 2014

Early Morning Cuppa

"Thanks Heston, I have really appreciated the Tea being ready when I wake. On the occasions that I'm awake first, it is so simple to press a couple of buttons and the tea is soon ready. When I have drifted back to sleep, the tea is still warm when I awake. So far my only disappointments are that the clock does not keep the right time and every couple of days I have to add a minute. Also the light given off by the button, lights up the whole room in the dark, this has been a really irritating point, as I have striven to achieve a totally dark room to sleep in. I have resorted to covering up the button with a plastic bottle top, currently I am experimenting with different types of tops before I move it out of the room to the landing. Just wish I could take it on holiday with me!"

30 September 2014

Very happy

"My family and I love this tea maker. Excellent product. Worth every penny."

7 November 2013

Heath Robinson must-have gadget

"Wow...tea automatically delivered at the right temperature, at the right strength and at the right time. What's not to love? Cost is a tad prohibitive but when you look at the engineering to allow a tea caddy to lower and raise...and even do it repeatedly if so desired...that alone is going to give the wow factor response. Hot flavoursome tea with common tea types already pre-programmed for use. The manual is something else - a legal extravaganza of covering Sage's responsibility for any possible hurt or damage. The lawyers should feel proud of themselves...."

19 July 2013

First cuppas!

"This sounds odd but the first I looked at was the design element of the thing (weird I know but that's the engineer/designer in me). To keep it short ..... excellent materials and manufacture, aesthetically pleasing and intuitively good functionality.
Now I've grown up with a cuppa being a tea bag in a mug with boiling water and there's still nothing wrong with that, what I didn't realise was tea could be so much more, that was until now.
We bought five different types of tea from Whittard and used them in the Tea maker for the first time today. What a revelation, some amazing flavours from spiced, Russian, fruit flavoured and even the traditional breakfast tea with milk was excellent with none having those awful bitter tannins.
Now I love gadgets and to see the tea basket automatically lower itself into the hot water and then to lift itself out again (at a time selected by you or the machine) after brewing is brilliant, it keeps the tea warm too with non of that awful stewed taste.
An amazing machine, worth every penny."

14 July 2013

In dreams I brew with you !

"Ordered today from Debenams in Llandudno and just can't wait to try out another kitchen gadget (perhaps my tea will be better too)
To follow soon with review from a foodie_engineer/design lecturer and good all round bottle washer!"

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